Below you will find profiles of the members of the insurance department. These are the people who manage claims, carry out surveys and generally make sure our insurance works run as smoothly as possible.

Matthew Greengrass


Matthew was made a director of Reeve Property Restoration by Marcus on the company's 20th anniversary in 2018. Primary responsibilities for Matthew are insurance works management, surveying and allocation of labour. He primarily deals with our Aviva customers.

Andy Stowers


Andy is one of the longest serving members of the team, and was made a director of Reeve Property Restoration on the company's 20th anniversary in 2018. Andy manages Lloyds Banking Group claims and also takes on extensive surveying responsibilities.

Alison Stowers

Matthew Scattergood

Production Supervisor

A Carpenter by trade, Matthew moved to the office where he works closely with Ben, Andy and Matthew G to survey, scope, manage and oversee insurance works.

Deena Churchyard

And there's more....

The Rest of The Team

Reeve Property Restoration Ltd isn't just about the individuals above. We also have a large workforce of professional tradesmen who are dedicated to making sure your repairs are completed to a high standard.

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Reeve Property Restoration Ltd

Petan House, Woodland Farm, Shortthorn Road, Stratton Strawless, Norfolk.  NR10 5NU.

Tel: 01603 755000.

Registered in England & Wales.  Company Registration Number: 4257393.  VAT Registration Number: 711661068.

Directors: Marcus Reeve and Tara Reeve